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The presence of honors programs and honors colleges at universities is a growing trend in response to increased competition for high-caliber students. Public universities are finding that honors colleges can provide students with an affordable option that is equivalent to the educational experience of a private institution. There is minimal research regarding the promotion strategies of honors colleges, and regarding promotions that are most effective in attracting high-caliber students to universities with honors colleges. This thesis attempts to expand on this area of research by analyzing the factors, opportunities, and experiences that were most important to current honors students of Western Kentucky University (WKU) during the college choice process. This research also analyzes the importance of current promotion and recruitment methods that are used by WKU and its Honors College. Significant differences were found among male and female students, and also among students from different geographical regions. A recommended promotion mix for the WKU Honors College is proposed following the research analysis. This thesis hopes to serve as a basis for future research on promotion strategies that can be used by honors colleges to competitively attract high-caliber students.

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Dr. Dawn Bolton


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Marketing