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Couches. Creativity. Teachers. Thinkers. Call it the Hippie School. Or call it the Brown School – a self-directed learning magnet school in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Since 1972, the J. Graham Brown School has educated children from elementary through high school beyond the traditional education model to face the world with a different perspective from the norm: one of acceptance, of the individual, of the cohesion of our differences. Students mentor each other and form open, real relationships with teachers to develop a unique, whole understanding of the world – all the while trying to shed the image of a school full of hippies. In this piece, I explore the hurdles the Brown School has faced in its history intertwined with my own experiences throughout my twelve years of education – including the years after entering the “real world,” and the effort it took to retain and implement what I had learned to be right in a world that wants me to be wrong.

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Dr. Dale Rigby


Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature