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his paper explores the cultural identity of Kentucky. Many people have asked, “Is Kentucky as Southern State?” Being the borderland between the North and the South, the Commonwealth has been viewed as Southern, as part of the Midwest, and something completely unique. To define Kentucky as Southern, I have examined the literary works of different regional authors. Looking at the character traits those authors have relegated to their manufactured people, I have decided, from the evidence provided, whether that author considers his or her setting as part of the South. One can tell whether the author identifies with the South if he or she employs the stereotypical Southern traits, like religiosity, hospitality, decorum, societal and familial responsibility, honor, dialect, and the importance of nature. Those demonstrated traits combined with historical events allow me to define the culture of the different regions. In this paper, I have divided Kentucky into three regions---Western, Central, and Eastern---and have examined and defined the cultural identity of each region.

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Professor Carol Crowe-Carraco


Arts and Humanities | History | United States History