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The first fifty years of Henry Hardin Cherry show a very formative period of his life. Born in 1864, Cherry left his family farm at the age of 21 to pursue his own education and by 1892 become head of a school in Bowling Green that was in trouble financially and and also had a shrinking enrollment. He began the transformation of this school and it became his life's work. This work included keeping the Southern Normal School afloat in its assorted difficulties, getting the school installed as a state-supported normal school and gaining adequate funding from the state to ensure its continuance and the placement of a new campus. Leading the school itself had many challenges. Cherry's leadership with administration, faculty and students showed his fervor for the favorable completion of his work. Family and friends were important as well and, even though he spent a good deal of time working on behalf of his school, he had many cherished relationships in this time period. His character shone through in all of this as a man who held his passions confidently, worked with a strong ethic and drove his visionary ability to a high, yet practical standard.

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