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The two main goals of this thesis are to provide an assessment tool for accounting professors as well as a learning tool for students to gain a better understanding of the accounting cycle. Many students coming out of the basic accounting courses have a pretty good understanding of the different parts of the accounting cycle, but few have a solid understanding of the bigger picture and how each part fits together. I believe this is partly due to the fact that students in 200 level courses are never required to complete the accounting cycle from beginning to end. As such, it is necessary for professors to assess the level of knowledge possessed by new students beginning a particular course. In my experience as a student, I have found that when an introductory assessment is given in order for the professor to reflect on the results of that assessment and makes changes to the course curriculum as necessary, the overall success of the students in that course is much higher than if the assessment had not been given. In order to test the knowledge retention of intermediate level accounting students, I have developed a case applicable to students who have completed the first intermediate financial accounting course and any of its prerequisites. My focus will be on the accounting cycle and issues involving financial accounting as opposed to managerial. I have provided a practice case including case requirements, blank forms and worksheets to be completed by the user, and a solution to the case.

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Professor Mark Ross


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