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This video documents the town of Oakwood Acres in McKee, KY. Oakwood Acres is a 1920's era town built completely by eighty-eight year old McKee resident, Travis Sparks. With no blue-print, Sparks created the entire town by hand. Currently there are twenty-two buildings on site, including a farm house, blacksmith shop, general store, school house, doctor's office, service station, and a church. Raising a Ghost Town looks at the motivation behind Oakwood Acres and how it continues to grow. In three segments the video moves from an over view of the town, to Sparks tour guide, to the future Oakwood Acres. The video was shot in high definition wide screen and is approximately thirteen minutes in length. Raising a Ghost Town was created as a Capstone Experiance for both WKU Honors College and the WKU School of Journalism and Broadcasting.

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Professor Ron DeMarse


Broadcast and Video Studies | Journalism Studies