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In the United States, teenage pregnancy rates have taken the first upswing since 1991. It has more teenage pregnancies per capita than any other country in the western industrialized world. Television shows, music and culture permeate teenagers’ lives, influencing sexual behaviors and attitudes. Those whose relatives have children in their teens are at an even higher risk. There are programs throughout the region desperately working to bring awareness to teenagers about the risks and consequences of having sex too early, but teens still get pregnant. Teen mothers face the unique challenge of balancing parenting, school and still being young. In this project, the influences on teen pregnancy, the assistance and awareness programs, and the lives of teen mothers are explored and documented through photographs and interviews to give life to the myriad of reports and statistics. Teen pregnancy has continued to escalate, and it is important to be able to see it in order to understand it.

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Professor James Kenney


Social and Behavioral Sciences