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Art has social relevance and is effective as a means of activism. Current social and environmental crises make art-based activism especially relevant today. There are problems with prevailing views on art, which prevent many artists from seeing themselves as agents of change. Therefore, some established views on art need to shift in order for artists to become more empowered. Ways of utilizing art for activism are many and varied. Activism is often approached with attitudes that are problematic and ineffective. An art-based approach is a positive alternative because it stimulates empathy. Empathy is necessary to achieve social and environmental justice. To effect real change, activists need to work through cultural means. Art is a good tool for this because it is cultural production. Globalization makes culture-based activism even more pertinent today. Included are exclusive interviews with artists and activists from all over the world.

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Professor Yvonne Petkus


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Other Arts and Humanities