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Many have heard of breast cancer and how it has become one of the top caused of death in the United States. but how many know of the impact it has on other parts of the world, the developed and developing countries? Accourding to the World Health Organization (WHO), 13% of all deaths in the world are due to cancer and it is predicted to increase in the upcoming decades. In the Arab World, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 70% of women who discovered in late stages in the Unted States. The reseach focused on identifying whether the barriers to breast cancer detection, treatment and prevention in this part of the world are culturally, socially or economically based. Feild research consisted of interviewing seveteen random women in Dubai and Dohi, with different Arab backgrounds. The goal was to gain an insider's perspective on identifying the barriers and provide possible solutions to the problem. Further analysis will include a comparison to Dr. Christine Nagy's work in Alabama as outlines in her paper "The Development of Community Action Plan to Reduce Breast and Cervical Cancer Disparities between African-American and White Women." Research findings show that the contributing barriers are a combination of culture, socail and economic status, with economic status determining the degree of impact of culture and society. In addition, the general belief in the healthcare system and its standard is of major concern.

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Dr. David Wyant


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