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Political Science

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This thesis studies the modern leadership theory formally developed in the 1970s by Robert K. Greenleaf, Servant Leadership. The approach of this project concentrates upon the examination and analysis of the many theories offered by different scholars of servant leadership and the leadership traits exhibited by Sir Winston Churchill. First, a detailed and inclusive definition of servant leadership is developed, establishing the traits necessary for an individual to be identified as a servant-leader. This definition, along with the identified necessary traits, are then applied and compared to the leadership traits of Sir Winston Churchill within the second half of the research paper. After a brief account of Churchill’s life, the project provides many examples of how Churchill utilizes his servant leadership style. The project identifies potential servant leadership traits exemplified by Sir Winston Churchill throughout his political career, specifically throughout his career as Prime Minister during World War II, and then argues how each trait can be seen throughout his leadership. Ultimately, this thesis successfully argues that Churchill can in fact be classified as a true servant-leader.

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Dr. Edward Yager


Political Science