Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects

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In 1977, Shirakawa and coworkers discovered the first conductive polymers. Their conductive polymers have been extensively studied. Though some of these first conductive polymers such as polyactelyne seemed to be a promising organic conductor, the commercial applications of these polymers were severely limited due the polymer’s highly air-sensitive nature. Thus, the current focus has shifted towards the development of heterocyclic aromatic polymers which are air-stable and have a low band gap. Expanding of the work of Snyder and Selegue, the focus of my research has been the incorporation of rhenium metal into an organic compound in an on-metal fashion. Several aryl-substituted 5,6-fused ring pyridazines have been synthesized and characterized. The on-metal process synthesized the final product of [Re(CO)3{η5-1,2-C5H5(CRN)(CRN)}] where R is Ph. Characterization of the final product is reported here within.

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Dr. Chad Snyder



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Chemistry Commons