Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects



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Teamwork and appropriate leadership skills are essential to anyone aspiring to be an effective leader. For my Capstone Experience/Thesis project, I set out to analyze three defined problems that plague the counselor group of the Honors Freshman Orientation Retreat, and to create and implement a solution for the three problems as a whole. After analyzing each problem, I concluded that the source of the three problems relates specifically to the lack of training. Therefore, the desired situation or goal in approaching these problems was to create a solution that will encourage the counselors to overcome their prescribed ideals about the H4 and to improve on the unsatisfactory elements of each problem and to increase their effectiveness as a team and as leaders. In accordance with the above-stated goal, the focus of the training was to engage the counselors in specified training that applies directly to their situation.

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Dr. Jennifer Mize Smith


Communication | Organizational Communication