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As one of the leading female authors of the Latin American literature, Cristina Peri Rossi has produced a large collection of works including more than 40 published novels, essays, and short story and poetry collections. Her literature is known for addressing various topics such as political and social injustices, love, passion, feminism, sexuality, and gender studies. As an exile in Spain, Peri Rossi also offers an interesting blend of the two Spanish-speaking worlds. Although many other authors speak of the same issues, Peri Rossi provides a very unique insight into both cultures that cannot be seen elsewhere: an insight of a woman, a leftist, a lesbian, and an exile. Unfortunately, her work is not very well known among English-speaking societies despite the fact that a number of works have been translated. Through this project, I attempt to expand Peri Rossi’s audience by creating a Web site in English about her life and work, as well as presenting an analytical essay about the novel El Amor Es una Droga Dura, in order to demonstrate the author’s clever use of art to shape the story being told.

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Dr. Inmaculada Pertusa


Journalism Studies | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature