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Political Science

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Consumer driven health care is a viable solution to reduce America’s high overall health care costs and to rectify the lack of portability in the current employer driven health insurance model. Health care costs have risen greatly due to factors such as hospital administration and care, medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, age, malpractice suits, and red tape. Health insurance is a complex field with components such as premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and both public and private providers of insurance. Health insurance in the United States is mainly provided by private insurance companies and these companies allow employers to pick insurance plans for their employees with the employee having little or no say on what is covered by these plans. Also, many employer based insurance plans are not able to travel from one company to another. Consumer driven health care can fix those issues. First, consumer driven health care is a system in which the individual controls their own health care choices and consumer health care is paid for by the individual instead of the government or employers. Consumer driven health care is also portable as health insurance plans are tied to the individual and not to a single company.

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Dr. Scott Lasley


Political Science