Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Theatre and Dance

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One of the most renowned Ballet Masters in the history of dance is George Balanchine. By studying his works and feedback from his dancers, my goal is to gain enough information to develop a two to three minute choreographed work of my own, incorporating the influence of Balanchine’s style and design. In my research, I will be examining his history and the interviews of Balanchine-influenced dancers, reflecting on personal experiences, and dissecting his choreography and elements of my own work in creating my final choreography. Within my piece, I will be manipulating various uses of rhythms, implementing Balanchine-style movements, and revealing a specific intent to the audience through the incorporation of gestures and emotion. After completing my choreography, I will be discussing the challenges and successes that I come across along my research. By developing this project, I hope to educate others of Balanchine’s style and impact on choreography. This research will enlighten me on his overall choreographic tools and methods.

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Professor Clifton Brown


Dance | Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies