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Efficient productivity often relies upon the matching of managerial skills and the resources available for production. Often, poor production outcomes can be attributed to those not directly involved in the production: the managers. Similarly, poor results in professional sports are often attributed to the men and women who never play a minute of a game: the managers/coaches. Managers are routinely blamed for performance and are often the first change an owner or a club will make to improve results. This paper will attempt to determine the performance effects of changing a club’s manager in soccer’s English Premier League (EPL). Further, this paper will attempt to determine the length of time an EPL manager can reasonably expect to remain employed by his club based upon his and the team’s characteristics. Utilizing panel data from seasons spanning the EPL era, we attempt to analyze if clubs act rationally or emotionally in deciding to terminate their managers.

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Dr. Dennis Wilson


Economics | Industrial Organization | Other Economics