Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


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This thesis documents the campaign “Make Your Move. Choose Your Food.” This healthy lifestyles empowerment campaign was one of six conducted in Bowling Green, Kentucky during February 2012 for the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) 2011-2012 Bateman Case Study Competition through the public relations capstone courses Journalism 454 and 456. The objective of this campaign was to encourage children, teenagers, parents, educators and community organizations to improve their individual health and the health of the community. My team, consisting of four public relations seniors and myself, created three overall objectives grounded in research, planned strategies specific to our target audiences’ needs, and implemented positive, educational and sustainable tactics to carry out the campaign. Upon completion, results were evaluated and the campaign was found to be successful. Conducting an extensive project from start-to-finish provided a unique insight into the role of a public relations practitioner. Working directly with local non-profit organizations and government institutions toward a common goal has enhanced my communications and public relations skills and mobilized my passion for social responsibility and community development as I begin my career.

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Vicki Bagwell


Advertising and Promotion Management | Community Health | Health Communication | Medical Education | Public Affairs | Public Relations and Advertising | Sales and Merchandising