Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Honors Academy- (Honors Self-Design Major)

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Theatre and Dance

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Approximately one year ago, I founded an experimental theater group on the campus of Western Kentucky University called The Corporate Surrealists of America. The group is made up of artists from radically different departments and disciplines and is focused on fostering an alternative kind of performance that is both richly multi-disciplinary and seriously concerned with burning political, social, and historical issues. One of the group’s main tenets has been to attempt to make art in the periphery of an institution as much as possible. Several thrilling independent productions were mounted including NIGHT RAID, WITH THESE MY HANDS OF THE BARBARIAN, and A COURTROOM DRAMA OF REBIRTH. The most recent project was a culmination in many ways. The play was an original called JUMAH COLA TIME TO DRINK and was staged in Van Meter Auditorium in November of 2012. The ideas of this poetic drama grew from the words and lives of Rudyard Kipling, Bertolt Brecht, Vandana Shiva, and Ross Caputi, among others. It centers on the subject of water examined through political, spiritual, anthropological, ethical, economic, philosophical, historical, militaristic, and aesthetic lenses.

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Professor Kristina Arnold