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Philosophy and Religion

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The Calvinist/Arminian debate is not a new issue to the Protestant Church; however, it is an issue that has resurged within contemporary Christianity. One major offense committed in this controversial debate occurs when a person or group uses a term from the opposite side in a way that is not the proponent’s original intent or meaning. Furthermore, misconceptions concerning the actual doctrines maintained by either side have become commonplace in the debate. In order to correct this problem, this thesis will serve as a guide for understanding the Calvinist/Arminian debate. It will provide information on the founders of the two systems, the definitions of fundamental doctrines of each, the definitions of lesser-known terminology of the debate, the truth behind common misconceptions, and an analysis on the debate. This thesis will, in no way, attempt to determine a correct view. All the definitions, information concerning the founders, and information regarding misconceptions have been retrieved from the proponents of the respective theologies. Only Calvinists will define Calvinist terminology and only Arminians will define Arminian terminology. The goal of this work is to present an accurate depiction of both Calvinism and Arminianism.

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Dr. Joseph Trafton


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