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School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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Universities are a training ground for the people who will go on to revitalize and reinvent the industries that they enter. Journalism is one of many industries rapidly changing with the pace of technology growth and is susceptible to influence from young, energetic professionals as they leave school. That influence is especially needed on forays into digital publishing, especially publishing on iPads and other tablet computers.

Student publications on university campuses are a key part of preparing students for that responsibility. By exploring readership habits, effective multimedia use, and successes and failures of other digital publications, students can learn to use digital publishing effectively then carry that knowledge with them into careers in journalism. While student newspapers operate at a fast pace, yearbook staffs operate at a pace well-suited to experimentation with new things. Therefore, college yearbooks are an excellent place for tablet journalism apps to be developed.

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Professor Tim Broekema


Film and Media Studies | Visual Studies