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School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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The concept of “Life Reporting” is a completely new idea, at least in terms of how I have experienced it. In today’s world of blogs and social networking, it is essential for broadcast journalists to embrace their own lives in the same world of professional and ethical reporting. As I describe my experience of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Jubilee, I have no choice but to provide the context and build-up of this intense passion toward my overarching point. Working through all the communities of which I have been a part, from attending St. Luke Catholic Church all the way to the revolutionary approach toward LOVE from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Catholic Campus Center, I seek to prove one powerful and simple point: as technology shifts and develops, we have been given a unique opportunity to share the love and life we experience in this world with all those we encounter. The tools of the broadcast journalist are in everyone’s hands, but the know-how still gives broadcasters the responsibility and advantage to share the most compelling, most accurate, most diverse, and most ethically sound material that can be produced. In this way, the truth can still emerge as they present their “Life Report” to the world.

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Dr. Ron DeMarse


Christianity | Visual Studies