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Philosophy and Religion

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In Jewish primary and secondary literature regarding the Maccabean Revolt, Judas, the son of the man who began the revolt, is depicted as a warrior of epic proportions. Despite a Seleucid king’s attempt to squelch out Jewish practices, Judas propelled the people to religious freedom through his military strategy and might. After his untimely death in battle, his younger brother Jonathan finally succeeded in gaining political freedom for the Jewish people. Throughout his lifetime, Jonathan’s feats of valor rivaled, if not surpassed those of his brother Judas. Despite this, Jonathan’s story and life are not given the attention they deserve. My purpose, then, is to tell the story of the Maccabean Revolt from Jonathan’s perspective in the format of a historical novel. Since Jonathan was most likely very young when the Revolt began, I have attempted to show how the revolt functioned as a catalyst for Jonathan’s initiation into adulthood. Using the best-known sources, this novel seeks to maintain historical accuracy while telling the story of Jonathan, the Jewish people’s unsung hero.

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Dr. Joseph Trafton


Creative Writing | Religion