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The Draftsman is a 50 minute narrative film which explores the themes of forgiveness and commitment in relationships with those who have mental illnesses. The plot for the narrative was inspired by the dedication I have witnessed between my grandpa and grandma throughout their married life.

This level of dedication began early in their relationship. My grandparents, Bill and Eleanore, had a difficult marriage. My grandmother most likely suffered from undiagnosed depression for most of her adult life. This illness probably stemmed from traumatic events in her childhood including her mother's death and her father's choice to abandon her, as well as her little sister, to an orphanage.

The Draftsman takes place in the year 1949 and recounts a fictionalized version of the early stages of my grandparents' relationship—starting with Bill Bowman's decision to leave his home on a farm in Missouri in order to make money to help pay for his brother's medications. His plans change however, when an injury forces him to stop in New Haven Kentucky, where he meets a beautiful but odd young waitress named Eleanore. The film strives to pay tribute to the trials they have faced together and to emphasize how marital commitment can outlast even the most trying circumstances.

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Ron Demarse


Film and Media Studies