Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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The restaurants located at the Resort Parks under the Kentucky State Parks group have noticed a distinct lack of revenue over the course of the past five years. Elaine Walker, Commissioner of the Arts and Heritage Committee, approached myself and fellow student Lavella Hall, with intentions of a complete rebrand and redesign of their main distributive information outlets: logos for each of the 17 restaurants, a menu redux, additional print mandatories (table toppers, etc.), and ultimately, the brand image. With the implementation of this project, we intend to see a 20% increase in guest traffic, guest loyalty and revenue for the Kentucky State Park restaurants, located at the 17 highest grossing Resort Parks in the state of Kentucky. Documented within is our process from beginning to end, obtained research and methodology, and final design conclusions as functions of a semester’s worth of work.

Advisor(s) or Committee Chair

Kelley Coppinger