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Studying finance, I have been exposed to the retirement plan options and how they work in most of my classes. But when I would talk to my family and friends about what I was learning, I quickly discovered that many people simply had no interest or understanding about the subject. I believe everyone needs to have a basic understanding of where income will come from once they retire. This realization pushed me to study the level of financial literacy about retirement and plan options of adults in the working world and determine how I could bring information about this topic to the Bowling Green, Kentucky community. I administered a survey to employees of a local business to gauge their basic financial literacy, and then determined how they most prefer to learn about finance topics. In this thesis, I explain the basic retirement options and products in today’s market and discuss my findings in surveying a company in the Bowling Green area on their financial literacy and how to develop the retirement plan knowledge of the employees I surveyed.

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Dr. Jean Snavely


Finance and Financial Management