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Guernica was Pablo Picasso’s most controversial piece, created as a political statement to show the devastation of war in Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. It is the inspiration for the Kid’s Guernica Peace Mural Project, developed as a way for adolescents to visually express their ideas of peace as a global goal. With the completion of a peace workshop and a 3.5m × 7.8m moveable mural, Kentucky is now a participant in the project. The mural illustrates the creative collaboration of sixty fifth grade students, a local artist and myself. It will travel throughout the state of Kentucky during the year 2013, in hopes of starting more conversations about the importance of a peaceful global community. Creating Kentucky’s first entry into the international project was an ambitious process that involved the support of Western Kentucky University’s Honors College, Hartstern Elementary, and the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts. Funding was provided by the Faculty-Undergrad Student Engagement Grant, Honors Development Grant, Student Government Association, the Fund for the Arts 5x5 Grant and the Parent/Teacher Association of Hartstern.

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Kristy Cartwright


Elementary Education and Teaching