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Honors Academy- (Honors Self-Design Major)

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School is an experience shared by most Americans, but each individual’s experience with school is very different. Many people assume that the biggest determinant of an individual’s success in life stems from choosing the right school. Many parents take this choice very seriously, trying to determine the best environment for their child. In most cases, the choice is between a public/city school and a private/religious school that charges tuition. The question is, though, why do parents decide to spend extra money to send their children to a private school when the same education is offered for free at any local school? Society tends to place private schooling on a higher pedestal, saying it is the better choice for any child. Are these assumptions of society entirely true? In this paper, I attempt to determine the major factors surrounding the decision of schooling. Through scholarly sources and personal opinions, my writing should be a helpful guide to parents.

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Dr. Alison Langdon



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