Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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There are many different elements used to enhance visual appeal in Advertising and Graphic design. While all elements of design are important, arranging all of these components effectively, affects the overall visual appeal to viewers. The use of space may be thought of as the single, most important element of design. How things are arranged contributes to how effective an advertisement is to its audience. While space is important, it is also vastly taken for granted, specifically in the form of “white space.” Whitespace is important to visual appeal in many ways. This includes readability, viewer perception of brand image, drawing focus, and creating harmony. Whitespace has numerous names and definitions, and can be applied as a design tool in many ways adding function as well as elegance to an advertisement. By employing current and past portfolio pieces, as well as some famous advertisements that use differing amounts of whitespace, my intended outcome will be to prove whitespace as an essential tool to advertising design.

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Kelley Coppinger


Advertising and Promotion Management | Graphic Design