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Marketing and Sales

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In today’s business environment corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are extremely influential in a firm’s competitiveness. A literature review will provide an analysis of past cases illustrating the importance of CSR, considering both positive and negative impacts CSR strategy can have on business success. Furthermore, important definitions and terminology critical to understanding CSR will be highlighted. This paper explores the evolution of CSR and provides a general overview of the effects CSR can have on a company’s reputation. The way a company can effectively utilize a CSR-strategy as a competitive advantage is also examined, along with scholarly views both supporting and opposing CSR.

Finally, this paper includes an in-depth analysis on a Danish brewery, Carlsberg, and answers the following question: ”How does Carlsberg market its CSR strategy to consumers, and does the CSR strategy contribute to the company’s success as well as provide long-term competitive advantages for Carlsberg?” The findings of this paper suggest that CSR can be a competitive advantage and contribute to a business’ overall success.

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Dr. Patricia Todd


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | International Business