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Philosophy and Religion

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The use of spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy has been a major source of controversy within Christianity over the past century. As its use flourishes in Africa, Asia and South America, many in the Western Church remain skeptical of its use, some even questioning the true conversion of these "charismatic" Christians. This thesis seeks to weigh the relevance of this cessationist debate with what Paul’s true concerns are in his letters. As such, it both praises and critiques cessationist and continuationist argument using modern scholarship to determine Paul’s actual, intended meaning of his words. It weighs the text itself against how it is construed by both parties to make cases for an issue Paul himself did not foresee nor address. Ultimately, this thesis aims to give a broader context to prophecy in the Pauline epistles beyond the issue of cessationism.

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Dr. Joseph Trafton



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