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Philosophy and Religion

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The two-volume first-century work, Luke-Acts, presumably written by Paul’s sometime companion, Luke the physician, follows the story of Jesus’s birth, earthly ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension in the first volume and then the spread of Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome by the apostles in the second. Within this story lies a recurring motif of physical healings from various diseases and even death. These healings are predominantly performed by Jesus; however, in Acts especially, the apostles also perform healings similar to those of Jesus. Often, these physical healings are accompanied by faith, forgiveness of sins, and salvation. This thesis has two goals: 1) to model a literary reading of the germane passages in Luke-Acts, and 2) to argue that Luke uses these physical healings in order to allude to the salvation in forgiveness of sins and membership in God’s people received through Jesus by repentance and faith after his resurrection.

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Dr. Joseph Trafton


Biblical Studies | Religion