Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

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The purpose of this project was to determine if those who use walkers or canes in assisted living facilities have obtained a proper fit. Assisted ambulation devices are used to help one with movement. Walkers and canes that are not fitted appropriately could cause problems and even lead to potentially fatal falls. As the number of older adults continues to rise, more people need to be aware of the importance of a properly assisted ambulation device. To prevent these falls, it is vital to raise awareness of a proper fit for assisted ambulatory devices.

Residents from two assisted living facilities were asked if they used a cane or walker. Those who signed an informed consent document were then asked questions about their ambulation device. The participants then rose to a standing position while the investigator assessed proper fit. No changes were made to their equipment as this should only be done by trained medical professionals.

The primary conclusion in this study was found in the comparison between “fitted” and “needs improvement.” With 23 participants in the study, 52% of the people were in the “needs improvement” grouping. Other results were recorded including the type of device each participant owned, how long they had the device, the origin of the device, and if they thought the walker or cane fit.

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Dr. Scott Lyons