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Global epidemics such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS plague developing countries in Africa. International aid has been given to these countries from public and private organizations in an effort to eradicate these health crises. My research focuses on Kenya as a model for assessing the current state of health care in these developing countries. The effectiveness of Kenya’s health care system was investigated at every level, including central, provincial, district, and rural, by visiting the country and performing specific research. Based on my research, I propose a model that I believe Kenya or any African developing country could adopt to improve their health care. This model suggests the need for equally distributed funds, expansion of non-government organizations, ways to eliminate barriers to health services, and the development of an effective health education curriculum to be taught in the primary schools. This model helps illustrate the need for reform and offers solutions to achieve better health for citizens in developing countries.

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Dr. Sam McFarland


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