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The purpose of this research project was to determine how student gender and attitude toward physical activity correspond to student participation in physical activity in and outside the after-school program setting. Surveys were administered to parents and the lead counselor of five different after-school programs located in the south-central part of the United States. Surveys were used for data collection about student attitude and physical activity. The lead counselor at each site provided information regarding number of students in the program and the percent of students who were physically active at the after-school program. The parent survey gathered information on the student attitude and physical activity outside of the after-school program as well as parental attitude toward physical activity. It was concluded that gender does impact student activity level and the types of activities in which students participate. Males spend more time participating in physical and more vigorous activities than females. However, around fourth grade the percent of activity level begins to decrease for males and females. A link between student attitude and physical activity level could not be determined. Further research could be conducted to determine if the two are related.

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Dr. Pamela Jukes



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