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This project challenges the perception that are for younger audiences, as well as the belief that illustration is an extension of literary work, rather than a formula for convening a distinct story at once related to, and separate from, literary companion pieces. The project is comprised of six sections. The first half is made up of: an artist statement explaining the intention and influences behind the print series, an essay exploring my fine art influences, and an essay focusing on my literary influences. The second section is the series of prints, the collection of short stories, and the conclusion. The illustrations were made by traditional intaglio printing methods. Continuing the theme of revitalized tradition and craftsmanship, I selected one story from my collection of five to publish, using a digital scanner and printer, into a handmade book. The written story exists alongside the series of thirteen traditional prints to present each in direct relation to one another as complimentary means of storytelling. The hand bound book itself challenges the contemporary attitude that only reading a story through sight is important by emphasizing the value of physical interaction with a narrative work.

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Dr. Laurin Notheisin


Creative Writing