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SNUTS is a protein coding gene present in Drosophila melanogaster whose product contains conserved domains that are present in a range of eukaryotic organisms. The SNUTS protein is made up of four domains, two Sterile Alpha Motif (SAM) domain, and two Plant Homeodomains (PHD). The biological function of SNUTS or the various domains is largely unknown. One study demonstrated that SNUTS was important for proper development of the stem cell niche. In the present study data from both overexpression and downregulation of Snuts and the resulting phenotypes are presented. Data supporting potential mechanisms resulting in the phenotype are also presented. Creation of reagents that would help us better understand the spatial and temporal localization of gene expression using RNA in-situ hybridization are documented as well. Overall this study presents a preliminary characterization of the gene Snuts.

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Dr. Ajay Srivastava



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Biology Commons