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Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

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BACKGROUND: Motor control, learning, and development need to be considered by any coach working with youth athletes. When coaches fail to consider these areas, they may be more likely to create practice plans, which omit the innate physiological and psychological differences between youth and adult participants, lessen the development of sport-specific skills, and may create less enjoyable sporting experiences for young players. PURPOSE: The aims of this literature review were to explore recent scientific literature linking motor behavior/development to application in youth basketball, identify major themes, and summarize these concepts in a manner useful to coaches in this environment. METHODS: An extensive review of electronic databases was conducted for recent scientific literature relating motor behavior to youth sport, basketball, and teaching. Databases reviewed included Medline, CINAHL, and SportDiscus. DISCUSSION: Very few peer-reviewed articles linking motor behavior to coaching youth basketball have been published in the past decade. Nonetheless, there were numerous recent findings involving youth participants, which can be generalized to coaching young basketball players. This project summarizes these themes within motor behavior literature and links them in ways that coaches may find beneficial when teaching basketball skills to young players.

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Dr. Don Hoover


Exercise Science | Kinesiology | Motor Control