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There’s no denying that the rise of the internet has brought about change in the Hollywood landscape. Fans now use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to share word-of-mouth about movies both good and bad. In a sense, anyone can use these new “spreadable media” to be a critic. I myself took it one step further and started my own film review blog. I was even published in the College Heights Herald student newspaper for over a year! In gauging my audience’s tastes in social media usage and in film, I have uncovered the fact that the hot-button marketing issues and questions that the major studios now face can also apply on a local level.

New online technology has also re-shaped the way we watch movies, thanks to streaming services such as Netflix and CBS All Access. Current trends indicate that online and on-demand video streaming will entirely revolutionize the moviegoing experience. Future research will indicate what this means for traditional movie theaters, as well as gauge the potential for a video streaming “bubble.”

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Professor Dick Taylor


Film and Media Studies | Marketing