Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research

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Multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner are used as a foundation of research in order to explain how educating students of all learning styles should include interdisciplinary methods and creative applications. Primary and secondary research of Howard Gardner’s theory and interdisciplinary methods, specifically the Integration Model and Broad Model approaches were completed. Two different lesson plans demonstrating how to teach students integrating two disciplines while including creativity were generated as examples of thesis. Qualitative research on creativity and motivation identified connection between the two and why interdisciplinary methods enable more possibilities of adding creativity to lessons taught. Advantages include reaching all different types of learning styles in students so that they can participate in their own education. Additionally, straying from a traditional linear education that mostly teaches only toward two of the learning styles from Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory improves assessment possibilities when transforming education to include interdisciplinary methods with creativity is done.

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Dr. Sara Northerner


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods