Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


School of Journalism and Broadcasting


Shelby N. Rice

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The internet was founded as a non-proprietary tool by which computers could connect and share information reciprocally. This philosophy has allowed the internet to become a fundamental resource in higher education and provides a window by which students can experience the world around them. The primary focus of The #freeandopen Documentary is to maintain an uncensored web by raising awareness of the forces that act against the freedom of the internet and of the resources available to contribute to the cause. The short, 13-minute documentary is funded by Google’s #freeandopen Microgrant of $2,000. It features interviews from students who are activists for the free and open web and reinforces the power of the internet at the hands of university students to fight the forces that act against its philosophy of freedom of expression and contribution. The documentary is amplified by an AdWords campaign tailored to catch the attention of its target audience and by promotional materials such as stickers and T-shirts. This document details the development and implementation of this project.

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Professor Mark Simpson


Digital Humanities | Higher Education | Instructional Media Design