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Heaven’s Disco Dances is a collection of poetry about finding identity through defamiliarization and displacing oneself from reality to better understand it. Within the literary community, there is a great deal of derision toward writing that fails to be “real” or “serious” enough, and poetry is an excellent example of how sometimes the extraordinary speaks to us in ways that realistic fiction cannot. The marvelous and fantastic might serve as an escape from the world, but not necessarily from reality. Rather, they give readers a different lens on life, and sometimes that makes it a more powerful one, because people often need a new perspective to see themselves clearly. Just as dreams lend themselves to psychoanalysis, so can poetry create a visual representation of the subconscious. To that end, these poems contain variety of surreal narratives, often from the perspective of animals or inanimate objects.

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Dr. Tom Hunley


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature | Poetry