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With the popularity of the wedding industry in America perpetuated by social media, blogs, and other networking sites, thousands of self-employed photographers have set out to make a living documenting the most important day of some people’s lives. Digital photography appeals to many for its convenience, but having a camera does not make one a professional photographer. What separates the hobbyists from the professionals is the development of skills and creative vision and the proper legal and business licensing to make a profit off of their wedding photography. Shelley Owens provides her own experiences as a professional wedding photographer as examples for the steps that must be taken in order to become a working, legal, professional wedding photographer. The wedding industry is comprised of skilled vendors and creative service providers dedicated to providing beautiful and quality products to brides and grooms. Establishing oneself in the industry creates an outlet for creatives like photographers and videographers to make a living off of their work.

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Professor Tim Broekema


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Photography | Visual Studies