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Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) is an autologous graft that is obtained from the patient’s blood. This provides a condensed network of fibrin that is saturated with cytokines, growth factors, and platelets. L-PRF speeds up the healing process and also optimizes bone grafting results.

Dental treatment options are expanding and new techniques within the office setting are constantly being developed. Present treatment modalities can assist with the stimulation of tissue formation after dental surgical procedures, leading to various results. The placement of L-PRF provides enhanced healing following specific dental procedures using the patient’s donor tissue; therefore, reducing the opportunity for infection and optimizing the final outcome.

A survey was conducted among dentists throughout the states of Kentucky and Tennessee to determine the level of awareness and use of L-PRF within the office setting. The results revealed there is a moderate awareness and low occurrence of use in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee based on the responses received.

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Dr. Joseph Evans


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