Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects




Molly R. Ray

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The concept of person-centered care is a major factor in the ongoing shift between a type of care that focuses on biological concepts ignoring psychological and emotional needs of a person, to a new type of care that considers the whole person, striving to meet not only their physical needs, but their spiritual and emotional needs, striving to involve the patient in every aspect of care. In this study, an adapted person-centered checklist was created as a possible future tool to encourage occupational therapists to implement person-centered care techniques in daily practice. Supporting research includes a literature review on person-centered care and occupational therapy, thirty-six combined hours of shadowing experience in both an outpatient care setting and in a skilled nursing facility, and individual interviews with each occupational therapist. Checklist points were evaluated based on individual interviews with each occupational therapist, along with self-reported example reports from each occupational therapist. Findings suggest relevancy of the checklist in both settings, but supports greater relevance within a skilled nursing facility.

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Dr. Dana Bradley


Biology | Occupational Therapy | Other Rehabilitation and Therapy