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Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research

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In this study, a professional development (PD) seminar was designed and implemented with elementary pre-service teachers (n=20) enrolled in a mathematics content course at a small Midwestern university. The central focus of the PD was on bringing inquiry, specifically the 5E model, into mathematics instruction at the elementary level. The structure of the PD followed the 5E model format and participants learned about inquiry through inquiry. The study utilized a pre-post-test design and measured participants’ knowledge about the 5E model and beliefs about using inquiry in elementary mathematics instruction. Statistically significant growth from pre-test to post-test appears in the four variables tested: 5E content knowledge, beliefs about using inquiry in mathematics, self-efficacy to implement inquiry, and intentions to use inquiry.

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Lisa C. Duffin


Education | Educational Methods | Secondary Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development