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A team of WKU Mechanical Engineering students is collaborating with Halton Company to create an organizational system for their plant. Each job performed at Halton is custom, leading to several different processes needing to be accounted for at once. The team is designing a program in Visual Studio that will be used to control the progression of the plant as well as store data to optimize future processes involved. Visual Studio will be implemented by summer of 2016 in order to give the team and company time to troubleshoot the program and insert optimizing options into the c ode of the program. In order to optimize the Visual Studio program, I will be implementing a barcode system. This will allow collection of analytical time studies that can be evaluated using real time analysis. It will also show issues throughout the plant, which can be evaluated using root cause analysis. Other methods, including verification and validation, Analytical Hierarchy System, Taguchi Methods, etc. will be considered to further evaluate the data in an attempt to implement both corrective and preventive actions throughout the plant. These methods, in combination, will result in total optimization of the plant, making it more efficient and capable of further expanding.

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Robert Choate


Computer-Aided Engineering and Design | Engineering | Mechanical Engineering