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Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

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Latin America’s presence in Major League Baseball has grown rapidly in recent years. The increase of players from the Dominican Republic can no longer be ignored. But why is Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic? What has been the impact of Major League Baseball’s player development strategies and tactics on the people and culture of the Dominican Republic? Does the Dominican Republic need Major League Baseball to be successful? An ethnographic study was conducted in an attempt to answer these questions. This study examines the relationship between Major League Baseball and the Dominican Republic. Examining this relationship using the dependency theory shows that Major League Baseball is hindering the development of the Dominican Republic as a whole. Further research regarding any political involvement with Major League Baseball is needed when examining this relationship. Dependency theory is an economic theory; therefore, research regarding specific economic impacts from Major League Baseball is also needed.

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Kenneth Payne


Critical and Cultural Studies | Economics | Latin American Studies | Sports Studies