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This honors thesis explores the literacy component of fluency and its instruction in the intermediate grades through the incorporation of Brain-based learning and the arts. Because reading fluency can affect other areas of reading, such as comprehension, it is important to build fluency skills through meaningful instruction. By exploring the best practices of fluency instruction, by understanding how the brain learns, and by recognizing how the arts can meet the needs of different learners, educators can alter and create instruction that challenges students’ reading ability in a unique way. A series of fluency lessons incorporating brain-based learning and the arts were created to demonstrate how the arts can be integrated into instruction to meet the needs of a variety of diverse learners. Three lesson plans were created for each art form. Further study of this subject could evaluate how effective the integration of the arts and brain-based learning would be in fluency instruction based on future conducted research.

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Rachel Leer


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Methods | Elementary Education and Teaching | Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching