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Many Veterans are returning from the War on Terror and making their way to universities. Due to the many aspects of war and military life many maybe, or are experiencing some level of mental health issue/s. As more Veterans make this transition, resources may not be available for them to be successful in the classroom (Whitley, Tschudi, & Gieber, 2013). After reviewing the literature, a suitable instrument to measure these variables was not available. The researcher developed a survey and sampled students of one Midwestern public university. The variables included basic demographic questions and perceptions of Veterans and the services on campus and in the community. These were rated on a Likert scale with a range of 1-5. They indicated a moderate awareness of veteran issues (M = 3.17, SD = 1.0) and a belief that services on campus were not adequate to meet their needs (M = 2.72, SD = .92). The results indicate that Veterans do not have sufficient resources on campus to meet their needs and that students do not understand all the issues that Veterans are facing.

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Dr. Dana Sullivan


Higher Education | Military and Veterans Studies | Other Mental and Social Health | Social Work