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The National Student Advertising Competition is a competition college chapters of the American Advertising Federation can participate in. This competition has a corporate sponsor, this year being Snapple, which gives students the opportunity to write an integrated marketing campaign that addresses real advertising challenges Snapple is currently facing. I managed a group of 19 peers and worked for several months to come up with a solution to their current problem. We created a 27-page campaign book outlining the research we conducted, the target consumers, a “big idea,” creative execution, media plan, media budget, and campaign measurement. Our “big idea” carried out in our campaign strategy was based off of Snapple’s historical ties, research we conducted, and societal trends. We encourage people to Unadult, meaning they take a break from the daunting responsibilities that come with being an adult and enjoy a Snapple. This concept was implemented in creating content for paid media (TV, digital, social, OOH), earned media (PR, organic social),, and retail-in-store displays. Our campaign book and creative process is outlined in this project.

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Mark Simpson


Advertising and Promotion Management | Marketing